Interested in opening your own Fun Climb climbing zone?

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FUN CLIMB – The best European fun climbing system available at lowest price!

  • Attracting broad target – Great fun for everyone from 5 to 105 years old
  • Broad range of unique designs – Proven to work with 500.000+ participants
  • High revenue for investors – In depth operational model understanding
  • Going support – Plugin tools and communication materials ready to use
  • Over a decade of experience in indoor & outdoor entertainment

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Want to know more about TruBlue autobelay for your climbing gym?

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TRUBLUE – Autobelay system which increases participation while driving down costs and risk!

  • Patented self-regulating magnetic braking system to meet the strictest safety standards
  • Covers the widest range of climber weights (10kg-150kg), ideal for children and adults
  • Flexible, modular and compact – Easy to install, move and maintain
  • Webbing-based system to avoid wall damage and give a natural feel when in use
  • Reduced webbing wear with unique delivery nozzle and field-replaceable webbing kit